Frequently Asked Questions

What is Westchester RISES?
Who is eligible to participate in Westchester RISES?
What are the eligibility criteria?
Are nonprofits eligible to participate in
Westchester RISES?
If my organization receives a Business FIRST grant, am I automatically enrolled in Business FIRST programs such as Westchester RISES?
When is the Westchester RISES program offered?
Do I have to start Westchester RISES when the program commences on November 24, 2020?
How much does it cost to enroll in Westchester RISES?
If my business is currently closed can I participate in
Westchester RISES?
Which topics will the workshops focus on?
Which industries will the roundtables focus on?
What is the focus of a one-on-one advisory session?
How will the individuals who receive one-on-one mentoring be chosen?
If I am not selected to receive one-on-one mentoring through RISES are there other mentoring resources available to me?
What are the requirements to successfully complete
Westchester RISES?
What resources are available to participants after completing
Westchester RISES?

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