Building a People-Centered Economy in Westchester

Building a People-Centered Economy in Westchester

Many individuals can relate to associating tasks to the success of a goal. When building a people centered economy, it is important to reflect of Kent's philosophy, and understand in this type of economy people are an end within its self rather than a means to an end.

With people at the heart of operations value is not linked to tasks, but it is in fact linked to the people that are apart of said ecosystem. David Nordford argues in his research article " The People-Centered Economy: An Innovation-For-Jobs Ecosystem, Disrupting Unemployment":

People-centered economy, which maximizes value creation by people, is more successful than any arbitrary task-centered economy, which maximizes the cost efficiency of tasks

How can communities and local entities maximize this value?

The idealogy around thinking globally and acting locally roots from the patterns that are identified in strategic development. Even when analyzing daily processes and the impact it has on longterm initiatives we are presented with why it is important to establish a solid foundation. The solid foundation is our Westchester Community.

Through focusing on community based initiatives, such as the encouraging the participation of local development; by individuals who are apart of the Westchester community. This local development can range from enhancing quality of life to simply sharing resources. One way Westchester rises is sharing resources is through establishing a dialogue within the community.

In the WESTCHESTER RISES weekly workshops, the community comes together in a much needed dialogue, as RISES serves as a sounding board. It is also important for the community to:

Convene, collaborate, and build together for small businesses. This can be attained through partnerships and collaborations.

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