Marketing Your Business During a Pandemic

Building a personal relationship is critical to creating productive business relationships. The development and sustainability of those business relationships is a key driver for future sales and revenue growth.

The steps to cultivating a healthy and productive business or personal connection follow the same process. Just like in a personal relationship, business relationships thrive off of effective communication and listening skills. People want to be heard and understood when making valuable connections with one another. The consistency in communication is key. If you do not continue to speak with your potential client, the relationship will not grow. Then there is the conversion stage, which allows for the bond to develop further by giving the client a first taste of what you have to offer them. They will become excited for the future endeavors to come and all of the possibilities that can occur by working with you. Moving to the ascension phase, the connection will continue to grow even more when asking them what they would like to see, introducing them to something new that they may be interested in or need help with. With the trust and relevance you have developed with the client over time, they will be eager to buy from you and then eventually advocate and promote for your business to other potential clients.

In the Westchester RISES Workshop: Marketing Your Business During a Pandemic, Jeff Loehr explained how all marketing is H2H (Human to Human) rather than B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer). Humans want to have genuine connections with one another rather than forced relationships that contain underlying purposes. They need to feel a sense of certainty and purpose from you before spending their valuable assets on your product or service.

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